Meet the Family


As a happily married mother of eight children and having fostered for many years, my experiences have led me to a desire to help others give life to their babies – to help others in their pregnancies and births.

I aim to help you, the birth mum, develop a relationship with your child when you are ready to. I would find it a privilege to help you look after your wee one. In the past, I’ve been an assistant playcentre supervisor, which has helped me in understanding and helping children’s development. You would be welcome to stay at our house whenever you wanted, yet pursue other sides of your life whilst we looked after your little one. We have so many hands to help here.

My hobby is horses and we breed ponies. Many of our children ride or have ridden from pony club events to hunting and even polo. My oldest son did track riding too. I also do a bit of vet work from home, although this has decreased as more time is spent with little ones.


I am a happily married man and love my family. I now feel it’s time to help others, and become a father to others that need me. Janine and I have fostered most of our married life, even before we had children, and are used to having others live with us and become part of our family.

I work from home as a herbalist for people and animals. My children often accompany me on my animal work, and working here on our farm. We raise calves together here and sometimes on another farm I work on. The children have earnt money doing this.

The children also enjoy doing sporting activities with me – going out on the boat, learning to swim and dive, spear-fishing, social netball, tramping and other school trips with homeschool families. I have also taken the eldest ones on mission trips to Bali and the Solomon Islands. I also enjoy photography and share this hobby with Caleb.



Rachael, Clinton & Annabelle

My name is Rachael, I am married to Clinton and our first baby, Annabelle was born in Nov 2009.

We are currently building an American Barn nearby on the property to live in. On our property we have quite a few horses that I use for riding and breeding.

While I was growing up, our family did alot of fostering – and we also had teenage girls stay here. I was really able to help one of the girls who stayed with us, when she became unexpectedly pregnant. She initially rejected her baby, but we spent many hours talking about her pregnancy – and when it came time for the birth (a c-section), I had the prviilege of being present. Afterwards, I was able to give her the support she needed both at the hospital and after she came home – spend time with her and the baby everyday.

As part of my schooling, I also studied childbirth education – and I was able to pass my knowledge onto the girl. I have also had lots of experience looking after young children both at home and as a nanny.


Hi I’m Hamish I’m 18, 19 on oct 28th. At the moment I am studying 3D animation at Lifeway College up in Snells beach Warkworth. I really enjoy the course. I learnt how to draw matte paintings on the computer using photoshop. I learnt how to do cool effects on live footage in after fx. I learnt how to make different 3D models using maya such as characters props and enviroments etc.

Before I was at lifeway I gained alot of experience in that field learning different things about art and 3D from Steve my tutor from Drury Christian School. Because I was homeschooled I could do animation privatley. When we are at highschool level my parents let us study specifically what we need for the career we have chosen.

I also enjoy being a leader at chosen valley camp and hanging out at youth group, I also enjoy going to rock concerts raves and music festivals like Parachute.


My name is Zoe Grant. I am 16 years old. I am the fourth oldest child in my family. I love looking after babies and little kids, they are all so cute.

I also enjoy hanging out with friends, and people my own age, and going to youth group etc. In the holidays I usually am leader at a Christian Camp in my area. I really love being a leader and getting to know all the campers. My job at home is to wash all the clothes this is a really big job, but I get an allowance for it! I have been home schooled since I was four. I don’t plan to go to university and have a career, but I am planning to do some sort of childcare later on. I don’t know what sort yet.

I have been breeding rabbits and we breed dogs and horses. My parents give us a chance to invest into these ventures as a way of earning money. As a hobby I have also been making reborn dolls. I buy dolls and repaint them and put hair in their heads to make them look like a baby then I sell them on Trade Me.

As the oldest daughter at home I have spent a lot of time helping with foster children. One little boy in particular I spent lots of time with, teaching him to walk etc. He came to us as with many developmental problems which have almost all gone now.


Hello my name is Niki Grant, I am 12 years old. I like playing soccer and riding my bike.

Me and my brother play for Drury soccer club.I like climing trees and burning rubbish. I like going to Chosen Valley Camp as a camper, next year I am going as dish wash crew.

I have a pet cockatiel and a snake neck turtle. I like tramping,fishing, and farm work.


My name is Caleb , I am 10 yrs old. I like to play soccer . I hate brussel sprouts. I like eating the muffins my sister makes. I like drawing and modelling on the computer.

I like going on our boat and fishing and when Dad takes me out diving. I enjoy the kayak too. I like playing cards with my older brother Janani. I like cartooning with my brother Hamish. I enjoy taking photos and my Dad teaches me photography. I like computer games.I like biking.

My job is to help mother the calves onto the cows . I also like going to Chosen Valley camp. I like learning trampolining and swimming.

Emma and Isaac

My name is Emma. I am 7 years old. I like riding our pony. I like playing with my dolly. I like pink clothes. My job is to do the dishes. I like playing outside with my brother Isaac. I have school at home. I like dress ups. We have animal and princess and other dress ups. I like playing with my brothers and sisters. I would like a baby sister or brother. They could be my princess or prince.

My name is Isaac. I am 5 yrs old. I like toys. I like playing games on the computer. I do schoolwork too. I know my alphabet and can read some words too. I like the phonics video. I like other videos too. I like my shrek toy too. I like helping with the cow, riding the tractor and helping Clinton. I like Mum and I like Dad too. I like playhouse Disney.