Letter from Janine

Dear Friend,

Are you feeling scared? Confused? We’d love to help.

Do you need someone to talk to to? We’ll listen without lecturing or judging you.

We can help you explore your options. You have so much more choice than you think right now. Do you need someone to go to your appointments with you? We’ll go with you.

Do you need somewhere to stay? You’d be welcome to come and stay with us – either in our home or if you want a bit more privacy, you could have a flat next door at no cost to you.

Do you need financial support to continue your pregnancy? We can help you there too.

You might say this site is pro-life, and yes, we are for life – your life. I’ve sat with girls as they’ve cried after having had an abortion and heard their pain. We’d like to spare you that pain if we can. If with our help, you can get to the end of your pregnancy, then you’ll be able to make a decision you can live with in the future.

Are you scared of having a baby? We can help you through your pregnancy, birth and beyond. We just want to love and be your friends.

Please give us a call. 0800 U CHOOSE (0800 824 6673).


John & Janine

P.S. Feel free to read our family bio here.