Who we are

0800 U Choose is an Auckland-based organisation which provides help and support for women facing crisis pregnancies and/or difficult circumstances. We’re committed to providing accurate information in a compassionate and confidential atmosphere. 

  • Pregnancy Support – going to appointments with you, linking with a midwife
  • A place to stay – either home-stay or a neighbouring flat (free of charge)
  • Education on pregnancy and fetal development
  • Practical teaching on baby care
  • Practical care ranging from home-based support to adoption – whichever way you choose
  • Maternity clothing, baby clothing & equipment
  • Adoption education & referrals
  • Financial support (if necessary), linking with budgeting services, support with Social Services

  • Schooling options (including home-schooling)
  • Real love and support

All services are free and confidential. 

Based outside of Auckland? We can put you in contact with families in other regions who can provide similar support.

We are also happy to send you a free unexpected pregnancy pack, with more info about abortion, care, adoption (including a DVD) and other peoples stories. The pack can be made up according to your needs.

Would you like to talk to us about any of the above?

Call us toll-free on 0800 U CHOOSE (0800 824 6673), or:

021 293 6687 (texts welcome)

(09) 292 4357