Are you worried about having a baby?

0800 U Choose is available to support you – to help you make the right decisions for both yourself and your baby.  We can help you through your pregnancy birth and beyond – you have so much more choice than you think right now.  If you are facing a crisis pregnancy, we are just a phone call away.  Need a supportive ear?  A place to stay? Help looking after your baby?  What ever your situation, we can help you explore your options.  Whether you raise your baby yourself or choose some help with various care arrangements, we can help.  Short, long, or permanent care similar to adoption.

Who we are

0800 U Choose is an Auckland-based organisation which provides help and support for women facing crisis pregnancies and/or difficult circumstances. We’re committed to providing accurate information in a compassionate and confidential atmosphere. Pregnancy Support – going to appointments with you, linking with a midwife A place to stay – either home-stay or a neighbouring flat (free of charge) Education on pregnancy and fetal development

Explore your options

Facing an unexpected pregnancy? It’s totally normal to feel disjointed, panicked, in shock or concerned about your situation. You don’t need to go through this alone. Below are some of the options available to you.  1. Raise your baby, with support  0800 U Choose can provide the guidance and support to help you raise your baby. This could include pregnancy support, financial assistance, teaching