A to Z of New Zealand Pregnancy Resources

A useful list of NZ pregnancy resources for pregnant women in New Zealand.



Stories about Open Adoption, alongside information about how the adoption process works in New Zealand


The OHBaby pregnancy pages contain useful information and advice relating to your pregnancy – pregnancy symptoms, health and wellbeing, diet, the birth, maternity wear and more!

Vaginal Birth After Caesarean
This pamphlet provides information on birthing options for pregnant women who have had a previous caesarean birth.

Breech Birth
Provides information for pregnant women on birthing options when the baby is in a breech position.



Breastfeeding: You Can Do It
This publication provides information on basic information on breastfeeding including breastfeeding techniques.

Government Support

Working for Families
Working for Families is a package designed to help make it easier to work and raise a family. It pays extra money to many thousands of New Zealand families.

Work & Income
A weekly payment to help those who are willing to work, however, aren’t currently working, or are working less hours, because they are pregnant.

HIV Testing During Pregnancy

Pregnant? Worried About HIV/AIDS?
This horizontal narrow pregnancy resources poster advises about HIV testing in pregnancy, giving the good news that there is treatment to reduce the risk of HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) passing to a baby from a pregnant woman infected with the virus.
It is available in several languages: Maori, Samoan, Niuean, Tokelauan, Cook Island Maori, Tongan


National Immunisation Register (NIR)
All babies born in NZ are registered with the National Immunisation Register. This link provides detailed information on the NIR.

Maternity Services Consumer Council


Midwifery Council of New Zealand


New Zealand Multiple Birth Association



Food and Nutrition Guidelines for Healthy Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women (April 2006)
A background paper intended to be used by health practitioners, including dietitians, nutritionists, midwives, doctors, nurses, primary health care providers, health promoters; educators and caregivers to provide sound and practical advice and support for pregnant and breastfeeding women and their families.

Parental Leave, Department of Labour


Post-abortion support

Buttons Project
A memorial for women and families who have lost someone through abortion, allowing those grieving to send in a button of remembrance.

PATHS provide trained, empathetic, non-judgemental counselling-support for women and men who have lost a preborn through abortion, either recent or in the past, offering facilitation through a proven 10 Step Programme.

Project Rachel – 0800 217 033
Project Rachel free and confidential couselling offers healing and hope to those grieving after abortion.

Postnatal Depression and Related Conditions

Mothers Matter


Rubella & Women
This leaflet outlines the risks of rubella (German measles) in pregnancy on the unborn child, and gives guidance on rubella immunity.

Screening Programmes

Newborn Metabolic Screening Programme
This service is designed to provide early identification of newborns that are affected by certain congenital metabolic disorders. Screening your newborn for all these disorders is strongly recommended, but it is not compulsory.

Smokefree Pregnancy

Changing Smoking in Pregnancy
This pregnancy resources contains information on how smoking affects babies and the benefits of change. Women are encouraged to make a decision to increase smokefree times and places, and to reduce or stop smoking. One of a series of pamphlets on protecting babies produced by Education for Change Ltd.

Unexpected pregnancy?

A support network for pregnant women and girls, providing an online community and information about making your plan to move forward through your pregnancy.

Well Child/ Tamariki Ora Services