Vera’s Story

Vera – from Germany, now living in New Zealand – An Adoption Story

Twenty five years ago; like yesterday, Carla came into the world. Her mum Ruth had gone through a pretty harrowing time with her own mother over all the rebellious stuff she had done and how she had ended up pregnant.

Because things were so tough in Ruth and her mother’s relationship Ruth went into Bethany, a Salvation Army home in Auckland which takes in unmarried pregnant young women. Here she received the support she was unable to accept from her mother. She found herself in a non judgemental environment which demonstrated Christian values of love, routine, boundaries and caring.

With this level of support Ruth chose to adopt her new daughter and when she did so she was given a promise by the couple adopting Carla that they would tell Carla she was adopted and always keep in touch with Ruth, and update her on Carla’s progress.

Carla’s adoptive parents are a Christian couple who have always stood by their word. Ruth and her mother have been kept up to date with Carla’s life and have always been a part of their journey. Over the years, get- togethers have been arranged and have always been a great joy to both families.

Carla is now living in England and she and her partner Phil have a son, Dylan. They recently visited New Zealand and both families. Thus the circle of love and life continues to be fulfilled.